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Sexual Harassment – Even When Subtle – Is Illegal

Many people tend to think of sexual harassment in the workplace as a relic of the past. However, both men and women are subjected to sexual harassment more often than you might think, and the harassment is just as likely to be subtle as it is overt. At Sterling Employment Law, our attorneys represent victims of sexual harassment in Detroit and throughout Michigan. We are committed to protecting the rights of victims while holding employers accountable for their illegal actions.

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Skilled Representation in All Harassment Claims

Sexual harassment claims can be based on any number of different actions, including:

  • A hostile work environment brought about by a pattern of offensive language, pornographic displays or overtly sexist remarks or materials
  • A supervisor making continued employment or promotions contingent on providing sexual favors
  • Discrimination based on sexual orientation where gay, lesbian or bisexual employees are harassed for not being “feminine” or “masculine” enough

Our attorneys will thoroughly review your case to determine whether you may be able to make a strong case for sexual harassment in the workplace.

Helping Victims Pursue Damages for Constructive Discharge

In some egregious situations, harassment in the workplace may be so intolerable that an employee has no choice but to quit to escape it. In these cases, it may be possible to pursue damages for what is known as constructive discharge. However, it is important to always pursue relief from harassment by following any company policies for dealing with harassment before quitting your job. We can provide pretermination counseling to help ensure that your legal rights are protected in the workplace.

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