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Negotiating a Change in Control Agreement

Executive employment contracts often contain a change in control (CIC) agreement. This type of agreement provides information regarding senior-level stock options, executive compensation and severance pay in the event of a change in control of the company. At Sterling Employment Law, we represent C-level executives in Michigan and throughout the country with the drafting of employment agreements and CIC agreements, to ensure that they receive enhanced protection if terminated.

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Corporate Change of Control

Changes in control often occur in corporate settings. A company is acquired by another firm, a stockholder might acquire a majority or substantial holding in the business, or the composition of the board of directors may change drastically.

When a change of control occurs, there are usually changes made in the top-level executive team. As a corporate officer, a CIC agreement is extremely important for your security. Should you be terminated due to a new owner, changes in the board of directors, a merger or an acquisition, you will want to protect your stock options, bonuses, retirement and benefits, in addition to being appropriately compensated for the loss of your high-level position.

It Is Important to Have Legal Representation During a Change in Control

If you are a senior or C-level executive, contact our law firm for assistance in drafting your employment agreement, including a change in control provision. Don’t wait until you have signed the agreement. Call Sterling Employment Law at 248-633-8916 or contact us online. Our offices are conveniently located in the heart of the Detroit metropolitan area.