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Is Your Employer Withholding Sales Commissions?

In Michigan, sales employees are fortunate to have legal protection for their commissions in the form of a statute – the Michigan Sales Representative Act. At Sterling Employment Law, our Detroit nonpayment of sales commission lawyers can help you if your employer is withholding your hard-earned commissions.

Contact our experienced and successful team of lawyers for legal guidance if you are not receiving the commissions you earned. Call Sterling Employment Law at 248-633-8916 . We provide confidential legal counsel to sales representatives in any employment law matter.

Resentment Toward High-Performing Sales Representatives

Many times, commissions are withheld when a manager, supervisor or other superior is resentful toward a sales representative. When an experienced and successful sales employee makes more than his or her boss, commissions might be denied out of jealousy. In some cases, age discrimination against older workers may come into play. Our attorneys will meticulously investigate your case and track down the money you are owed. Chances are, it’s in someone else’s pocket.

The Michigan Sales Representative Act holds employers to lawful practices regarding the disbursement of commissions to sales employees.

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