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Former MTV VP alleges sex and age discrimination

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2012 | Workplace Discrimination |

As any Detroit viewer knows, the shows on MTV are hardly politically correct. Now, according to a new lawsuit, the working environment at MTV’s corporate offices is not, either.

A former vice president for MTV has sued the network, alleging sex and age discrimination.

The former vice president, who is a woman, claims that her male boss excluded her from meetings and did not allow her to attend events that other, younger employees were able to attend, such as the European Music Awards. The former vice president feels that her role was diminished because her boss saw her as “too emotional” and too old.

She also alleges that a subordinate female employee was promoted to a position where she would work with the former vice president, despite the female employee’s unusual, erratic and inappropriate behavior.

The former vice president was fired in 2010 after MTV’s human resources department felt she had not done enough to curb her “controlling” and “aggressive” behavior.

The former vice president is seeking a stop to what she believes are illegal practices, back wages and other compensation.

Now, reading that summary of the former vice president’s lawsuit, you might be a little confused at some of her claims. This could be because very few employment law issues are clear-cut and black-and-white. Often, they are very nuanced. Experienced employment law attorneys understand this and are able to approach client’s issues with diligence, comprehensive preparation and a keen ear and eye for details.

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