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February 2020 Archives

Diversity and inclusion may be getting their day in Michigan

Diversity became an important term about 20 years ago when Michigan and many other states wanted to create a new workplace culture without the old practices that kept good workers on the outside looking in. But, in many ways, it was downgraded to a buzzword that guided some trainings and policies without helping the people who needed it.

Michigan activists launch new effort to stop LGBTQ discrimination

Michigan begin the era of anti-discrimination at the forefront of the nation. The Civil Rights Act passed in Lansing in 1976, banning discrimination based on religion, color, gender and a variety of other protected attributes. But many activists have said the Wolverine State did not go far enough, and 2020 may be the year that this mission is accomplished.

Points to discuss with HR before signing an employment contract

When you're presented with an employment contract, it's your job to thoroughly review it to ensure that you understand the terms and conditions. You should only sign it if you're 100 percent comfortable with the details, and fully understand the impact on your potential employment.

Michigan senators consider more whistleblower protections

A government service is not serving the citizens that it was designed to help. A product could pose a danger to the people who use it and bring it into their homes. A car lacks a safety feature that could save lives. There are many reasons that a person could feel the need to report a problem, and there are sadly many ways a person could pay for that decision.

Michigan county settles whistleblower lawsuit

For much of the history of Michigan, workers could be scared into silence about problems at work. No one wants to lose their job as a sacrifice for reporting unsafe conditions, unfair supervisors or employee harassment. Fortunately, the governments in Washington and Lansing have made it a little easier for whistleblowers to avoid retaliation.

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