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When your ethical self convinces you to become a whistleblower

Anyone who decides to become a whistleblower has his or her reasons for speaking out. This may surprise you, but the possibility of gaining a financial reward does not offer much motivation for blowing the whistle. Most whistleblowers in Michigan never receive a huge sum of money in exchange for the information they possess. So, why do people decide to take such a big step for little-to-no personal gain?

You can do your own part to help end workplace discrimination

Workplace discrimination continues to be a problem for the Detroit workforce. Despite the laws specifically written to protect workers, discrimination based on age, religion, disability and many other factors still happens.

What do fair employment contract arbitration clauses look like?

In recent decades, more and more Michigan executive employment contracts have begun including an arbitration clause. This means that the two parties -- employers and employees -- agree to settle any contract disputes or violations outside of a courtroom. When you sign an employment contract containing an arbitration clause, you could severely limit your legal options if a dispute arises.

Discrimination against female workers is still very common

STEM careers are those in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math. Historically, these are areas that have seen far more male workers than female workers, though the workplace in 2019 is certainly supposed to offer equal opportunities to all workers, regardless of gender.

Recent discrimination suit shows why fast action is necessary

If you have ever been a victim of workplace harassment, you probably waited a long time before you even considered legal action. Many people hesitate because they hope the behavior will stop on its own. Another reason for hesitation is because victims might not be completely certain that discrimination is occurring.

How does the Motor Vehicle Safety Whistleblower Act work?

Even though potential auto industry whistleblowers in Michigan have several ways to report safety infractions to the government, the Motor Vehicle Safety Whistleblower Act (MVSWA) may make it easier. The MVSWA protects consumers as well as the public because it encourages those with knowledge about safety infractions to alert the government.

What are the pros and cons of executive arbitration clauses?

Executive employment contracts can be simple single-page documents or complex agreements with many different clauses. As executives in Michigan and other states become savvy about the agreements they sign, clauses designed to protect all parties are becoming commonplace.

What are the basic rights of American workers?

The United States needs a solid and dependable workforce to continue thriving. Ideally, this workforce should not suffer from workplace discrimination or harassment. Most people are willing to work hard in exchange for fair payment and proper treatment. On the unfortunate side of this issue, there are far too many people that undermine the American workforce by mistreating employees or co-workers.

What to do and not to do if you want to blow the whistle

Corporate fraud, employer misconduct and unethical business activities are three situations that can lead to whistleblower claims. As a responsible resident of Michigan, you may decide to call out these or other types of wrongdoing. Once you decide to take this undeniably massive step, you will want to do all you can to help the authorities prove your claims.

A look at the most recent workplace discrimination statistics

Many victims of workplace discrimination in the Detroit region believe that they will never find a satisfactory solution. If you are one of these victims and have run out of hope, information released by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) may rekindle your faith in the system.

Don't do these things if you want to be a whistleblower

Most whistleblowers stumble across signs of fraud or wrongdoing totally by accident. In the majority of cases, these people are reluctant to blow the whistle because they fear retaliation from the parties responsible for misconduct. It usually takes a potential whistleblower some time to decide to speak out.

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