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January 2012 Archives

Are Silicon Valley tech giants violating employment laws?

It's a tough economy out there, but if a Detroit-area worker is lucky, he or she will occasionally get a call from a recruiter who is offering employment at another organization. These kinds of calls and offers help workers develop a sense of what their skills are worth on an open market; even if a worker does not take the offer, hr or she can leverage it with their current employer andnegotiate for better wages or nicer perks.

Female Wal-Mart employees: Sexism in the workplace persists

Detroit readers probably remember last year when the U.S. Supreme Court told female Wal-Mart employees who were complaining of sex discrimination that they could not bring a class action lawsuit against the discount giant because they did not share enough in common to be considered a "class." The good news is these women have not given up in their quest to have their employee rights respected.

Supreme Court recognizes employees' right to sue for wages

Many people in Michigan work in restaurants, so they know that tips can be a really important source of income for people who work in the hospitality industry. Restaurants typically do not pay servers very much because they know they are taking home gratuities.

EEOC: Pepsi bottler trod on job applicants' rights

Pepsi Beverages, a Minneapolis-based bottler of the cola many Detroit readers enjoy, has announced that will pay over $3 million to settle claims that it engaged in racial discrimination as it hired new employees, the upper Midwest branch of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission announced this week.

Should employers be able to check job applicants' credit scores?

If someone in Detroit were to buy a car, he or she would probably expect a credit check. The same goes for opening a new line of credit, obtaining a mortgage or taking out a loan. But what about applying for a job?


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