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January 2016 Archives

Employee rights to new minimum wage in Michigan

There has been a significant debate during this political season regarding minimum wage laws and how much they should be across the U.S. Some states, including Michigan, are taking steps to raise the minimum wage. There are times, however, that an employer tries to avoid paying workers what they are supposed to receive under the law. Those who do not get what they are legally entitled to need to be aware of how to pursue a wage claim, which, can include an overtime claim for unpaid overtime or a claim for regular hourly pay.

Religious discrimination alleged in lawsuit against MI dentist

Workers in Michigan need to know that they have certain rights under the law protecting them from various forms of discrimination. Discrimination can come in many different forms and in many instances, employees might not even be aware that they have been subjected to workplace discrimination or that they have the right to pursue legal compensation for it. When a person thinks that their employee rights have been violated in any way, it is imperative to understand the law and whether a legal filing can be initiated because of the treatment.

Prohibited acts in MI during employment based on Elliott-Larsen

In Michigan, the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act is, in part, designed to protect employees from employment discrimination. Many people are not fully aware of what this law does and how it protects employees. If the law is violated, those who have been victimized need to understand how they have been harmed and what they can do, through legal means, to rectify the situation.

Understanding laws protecting against disability discrimination

People with disabilities in Michigan have the same rights to be treated reasonably and fairly at work as everyone else. In fact, disability discrimination is against the law. While some employers might prefer to hire a person who does not require certain accommodations to work at the job, the person's ability to do the job is paramount and there can be no discrimination based on a disability. But just because federal and state laws prohibit disability discrimination does not mean that every employer will follow the law. This is why it is important to understand what constitutes harassment and reasonable accommodations to those who are disabled.


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