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November 2019 Archives

Whistleblower programs that all Americans should know about

Those who are considering blowing the whistle on criminal or unethical activities in the Detroit region worry quite a bit about the possibility of retaliation. This concern is not just natural; it is completely understandable. After all, most whistleblowers have families that they want to protect from the fallout of blowing the whistle. Examples of whistleblower retaliation include:

Many male employees suffer from workplace discrimination

It is a well-known fact that American women have struggled against workplace discrimination for countless decades. It's probably impossible to identify the first female worker who spoke out against such discrimination. Workplace discrimination against women is still very much a problem here in Michigan and across the country, but male workers also experience discrimination.

Time limits exist for filing whistleblower retaliation complaints

Those who decide to become whistleblowers in Michigan are brave people who deserve all of the protections the law provides. After all, it is not easy to call out corruption as it may take a toll on the whistleblower and his or her family. To make an already difficult situation even worse, these courageous individuals must often face retaliation for their efforts to expose wrongdoing.

Workplace discrimination: What constitutes wrongful termination?

The nation's at-will employment laws means that you can lose your job for any reason or no reason at all. For example, perhaps your employer is bleeding profits and is looking to downsize. The at-will law means that you could be fired or laid off even if you have done nothing wrong at work. This same law empowers Detroit workers to leave a job voluntarily for any reason or no reason at all.

Learn how our pre-termination counseling helps whistleblowers

Have you ever had a job in which you experienced a feeling that you were about to get fired? Perhaps you tried to ignore it and continue performing your duties. A few days or weeks later, sure enough, your boss calls you in and tells you that he or she no longer requires your services.

Detroit taproom closes down amid workplace discrimination scandal

If you follow the news at all, you are probably aware of the workplace discrimination scandal involving the Founders Brewing Company's Detroit taproom. One of its former employees has accused the company of workplace discrimination based on race.

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