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July 2014 Archives

Detroit firefighter union in court over pension benefits

Ever since the City of Detroit filed for bankruptcy and sought restructuring to emerge debt free from financial distress, a number of the city's labor unions have gone through discussions with city authorities about the various implications of this plan on their employment contracts. The city has been able to seal the deal with all major labor unions except for the Detroit Fire Fighters Association, which was recently in court alleging that the city's proposed changes to their pensions violates the union members' collective bargaining rights.

Workplace discrimination lawsuit heads to Supreme Court

The birth of a child can be one of the happiest moments of a Detroit mother's life. However, happy quickly becomes sad when a mother experiences workplace discrimination due to pregnancy. Although Michigan law prohibits employment discrimination, many workers have experienced it in some form or another.

Bay City prison employees sue sheriff for wrongful termination

According to the Michigan Public Employment Relations Act and the Michigan Whistleblowers' Protection Act, every employee in the public sector is entitled to a certain rights. These rights are meant to protect employees from any kind of wrongdoing by employers at the workplace. Therefore, when these rights are violated, employees are entitled to seek justice from the state's judicial system citing violation of these laws.

Michigan nuclear plant ignoring employee rights

Ensuring workplace safety is one of the primary responsibilities of any Michigan employer. When safety standards are compromised, the possibility of workplace injuries and illnesses increase dramatically. When safety concerns are raised by employees, they often face retaliation from employers, which may, at times, even lead to job loss. This is a clear violation of employee rights, according to Michigan state law, as well as federal employment laws.

Michigan school district, employees finalize employment contract

Michigan residents agree that it is very important to be aware of all clauses included in an employment contract before making a final decision about accepting or declining the job offer. After an offer has been accepted, the employee is prohibited from negotiating compensation, benefits, job roles, noncompetition clauses or terms of severance with the employer. Recently, the Adrian, Michigan, Board of Education approved a one-year employment contract with the education association, representing 187 teachers and district staff. The next stage is to finalization the contract with the state's education board.


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