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April 2016 Archives

When a firing can and cannot stop unemployment compensation in MI

Many employees in Michigan who have lost their jobs believe that they will be entitled to unemployment compensation. This is not always the case. There are some instances in which employers will have the right to deny unemployment compensation. There are others in which employers will be in violation of the law in trying to stop employees from collecting their unemployment compensation. For those who are facing employment-related disputes when it comes to this issue, it is imperative to understand the laws that are relevant to these circumstances.

Even top-level employees need legal help

In Michigan and throughout the U.S., the highest level executives are seen in a negative light by many people. Given the lucrative compensation they receive for their work and the public perception that has shaded them poorly, it is easily forgotten that they are employees just like everyone else. They are subject to problems such as losing their jobs, being demoted, having disagreements and becoming embroiled in contract disputes. These issues are often high profile and misunderstood. This is why executives at the top level of a company or business need to have legal advice just as everyone else does.

Transgender woman alleges workplace discrimination at university

When it comes to employee rights and those who have a different sexual identity, the law in Michigan and across the nation is still coming clear. While this is an issue that is only recently coming to the forefront, it does not make it any less important than other forms of discrimination that might take place. Those who are lesbian, gay or transgender and believe they have been subjected to workplace discrimination need to know that they too have the right to seek legal compensation if they have been discriminated against, faced harassment or any other issue at work because of their status.

How can employees complain about wages and fringe benefits in MI?

Michigan employees need to know that they have the right not just to be paid for their work, but to also receive fringe benefits. If they do not receive one, the other, or both, they can seek their compensation through legal means. Under state law, the Payment of Wages and Fringe Benefits Act is in place for the majority of employers and employees. When an employee believes that a violation has taken place, the worker has the right to lodge a complaint with the Wage and Hour Program.

Former debt company CEO alleges wrongful discharge in Michigan

Employees in Michigan from a wide variety of jobs can all be confronted with an unexpected dismissal. In some of these cases, the loss of employment might not have to do with any work-related issue and factors revolving around competence, but for other reasons such as retaliation. When a person believes that wrongful termination has taken place, the person has a right to seek to be compensated by the employers for the wrong that was done.


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