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November 2013 Archives

Anti-discrimination workplace legislation likely to fail in House

Legislation prohibiting the discrimination of lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender people in the workplace was approved by the U.S. Senate in November. The Employee Non-Discrimination Act has been before Congress many times since it was first created in 1994 but it wasn't until now that Congress has acted on it. With a vote of 64-32, Senate approved the legislation. The bill is now before the House or Representatives, where it's expect to fail.

Race discrimination claim against boutique fashion shop

Michigan fashion fans may have heard about the allegations of racist and offensive treatment made against a trendy New York City clothing store. A former salesperson for the British fashion outlet Alexander McQueen has filed a workplace discrimination lawsuit, saying that she was called such epithets as "burrito face" and "taco smoke" in derogatory reference to her Hispanic heritage. Specifically, the civil suit alleges that the 43-year-old woman's boss pummeled her with what she called a persistent and offensive barrage of comments based against her national origin and race.

Muslims claims DHL practiced workplace discrimination in firings

In an action that Muslim workers in Detroit might find relevant, a group of Somali Muslim DHL Global Mail employees are claiming religious discrimination because the delivery company reversed its policy of flexible break times, which initially allowed them to stop work for the five-minute prayers required by their religion. The Islamic employees accused DHL of worker discrimination after the company fired two dozen of them, allegedly for pausing in their duties to say the prayers, which had previously been allowed. One fired employee made $11.57 per hour to sort mail and said that he had never received any negative comments about his work.

Michigan in dispute with state employee labor unions

Unions representing tens of thousands of Michigan state employees are currently negotiating with the state regarding contracts that are set to expire at the end of December. The negotiations have unfortunately stalled due to disagreements on wages and benefits. These negotiations are the first since Michigan implemented a right to work law that critics say dilutes the strength of unions and that the unions claim should not apply to state workers.

Restaurant employee files discrimination complaint

A Maryland woman has filed a complaint against Hooters, the restaurant chain with locations in Michigan and around the country, claiming that she was unfairly discharged from her position as a waitress at the Baltimore location. The complaint was filed with the Maryland Commission on Civil Rights.


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