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February 2016 Archives

Two restaurants ordered to pay after violating employee rights

Workers in the service industry in Michigan might not know that they have certain rights that their employer must adhere to. When employee rights are violated, it is important that those who have been victimized know what to do to receive their employee benefits. Proving that there was a violation can result in compensation and back pay. Having advice as to the legal issues is key to pursuing a claim.

Legal help in Michigan after wrongful termination due to PIP

Workers in Michigan can lose their jobs for a wide variety of reasons. Knowing when there has been a wrongful dismissal and whether one's rights are protected under state employment law is key when determining whether or not there are options to file a legal claim. One issue that is often worrisome for employees is known as Performance Improvement Plans or PIP. Losing one's job over PIP might lend itself to a legal filing against an employer.

Compensation for fired city manager requires he be paid $50,000

Some employment contracts require that the employer pay an employee a severance package before terminating their employment. Those who are dismissed from their jobs need to know what they are entitled to based on employment contracts. On the same token, employers - whether it is a public or private entity - also need to know what the contracts require of them. In some cases, the parties may have a legal disagreement over whether or not the contract should be paid.

Understanding employment benefits for MI state employees

In Michigan, a person who takes a job with the state will have certain employment benefits that he or she is entitled to. While these types of jobs are often considered secure and there is an expectation that the benefits will be granted as a matter of course, it is possible that they will not be. This could be due to a mistake, a clerical error or some other issue that leads to employees not receiving what they are entitled to. It is with this in mind that employees should make sure to understand what they are supposed to receive and what they can do if they don't get all of their benefits.


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