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EEOC allows workplace discrimination lawsuits for LGBTQ people

There is greater attention being paid to various forms of harassment that employees are confronted with in Detroit and across the country. Increasingly, people who have their employee rights violated due to their sexual orientation are becoming aware of their ability to file a case to be compensated. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has begun filing lawsuits because people in the LGBTQ community are facing harassment and discrimination.

Former Volkswagen employee files wrongful termination suit

When Michigan employees see wrongdoing at their places of work, they should report it. Part of what compels these workers to do the right thing is protection for retaliation if they are deemed a whistleblower. If the employer chooses to punish the employee or outright dismisses him or her, this can be the foundation for a legal filing for a violation of employee rights.

Claims of workplace discrimination due to sexual orientation

Employee rights can be violated in a myriad of ways for workers in Michigan. While many forms of harassment and discrimination are well-known and blatantly against the law, there are others that are only recently being legislated against with accompanying legal filings to protect and compensate those whose rights have been violated. Discrimination against workers because of their sexual orientation is now sparking lawsuits as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has argued that federal law against sexual discrimination also protects workers based on their sexual orientation.

Understanding adverse action in retaliation in Michigan

Workers in Michigan need to understand their rights in the workplace. One particular aspect that can be somewhat confusing centers around potential retaliation from employers, alternatively known as adverse actions. A previous post gave an overview of all the three tenets of retaliation including adverse action, covered individuals and protected activity. This post will focus solely on retaliation and adverse actions.


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