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September 2015 Archives

How the law protects a whistleblower at work in Michigan

In Michigan and across the country employees might witness certain acts, policies or behaviors that are in violation of the law. These violations can cause damage and place people at risk. The witness might, however, be concerned that they will be confronted with problems at work, a denial of benefits or even lose their jobs entirely if they report what they have seen. That is why the Whistleblowers' Protection Act was passed in 1980.

Pursuing justice for wrongful termination after sexual harassment

Wrongful termination can occur for many reasons in Detroit, but one of the most shocking and unnecessary has to do with sexual harassment. In some instances, both men and women are subjected to this form of treatment. After getting over the emotional and personal disturbances that this entails, they might have a problem doing their job as they are supposed to. Many times, victims will ignore the issue in fear of retaliation and in the hopes that it will simply go away. Whether it does or not, they are still within their rights to seek compensation for what happened.

How ERISA protects workers' pensions

In Michigan and across the country, financial turmoil has engulfed many cities, counties and states to the point that some workers' pensions are in jeopardy. Many of these workers are public employees who only took certain jobs for the pension benefits. For private workers, ERISA is available to provide protection. ERISA stands for the Employee Retirement Income Security Act. Passed in 1974, this law is meant to protect assets of workers so they will have access to their retirement funds at their retirement.

Flight attendant files lawsuit claiming religious discrimination

In some instances, workplace discrimination can affect a Michigan resident's employment. Those who are subjected to any form of discrimination need to understand that it is against the law and that they have rights.

Fighting against gender discrimination

The proverbial "glass ceiling" still exists in the United States, including in Detroit, Michigan. The term describes the barrier that exists in the advancement of a career because of employment discrimination, such as gender discrimination. The "good old boys" mentality unfortunately still exists in some places and there have been attempts to stop women from advancing in business. The glass ceiling impact is very subtle and it often compels women to resign from a job. However, before doing so, the woman employee may want to consider the available legal options.


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