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Glass ceiling discrimination at work

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2014 | Workplace Discrimination |

A person’s qualifications and experience are sometimes not enough to secure employment. Sometimes, this is due to discrimination that is common in many workplaces, including some in Michigan. Workplace discrimination can relate to the employee’s gender, age, race, sex, religion or even pregnancy, all of which may result in the person not being hired, being paid a lower salary or suffering harassment.

Some workplaces contain what is commonly referred to as glass ceiling discrimination, which most often relates to gender discrimination. Even today, there are some people who believe in the “good old boys club” concept, which means that men are favored over women in the workplace and the men are given the best opportunities to grow. Due to this mentality, a talented woman is often not allowed to advance within the company.

Glass ceiling workplace discrimination is usually subtle in corporations or businesses. The woman may not be allowed in meetings, her job duties may be changed often, a man may be reassigned to her tasks or she may be transferred. When this type of discrimination occurs, the woman employee, despite showing exceptional performance, will never be promoted and, in some situations, she will be assigned conventional female job duties.

The effects of glass ceiling discrimination may be so severe that it may lead to the frustration, humiliation and segregation of the affected female employee. The employee, while facing such discrimination, may resign from her job. However, that is not advisable. Before quitting the job, the employee should understand that workplace discrimination is not allowed in Michigan and the employee can take action against the employer.

To learn more about glass ceiling discrimination and the procedures that should be followed for a constructive and successful discharge claim, please visit our webpage. You may find the information to be very helpful if your circumstances are similar.


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