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Responsibilities for those applying for unemployment benefits

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2015 | Employment Disputes |

Like most states, Michigan provides financial benefits to many people who are able to work but cannot find a job. However, in an application for unemployment benefits the unemployed worker must meet certain requirements.

An applicant must report to the Unemployment Insurance Agency the reason why he or she is not currently working. The agency is adamant that any applicant disclose the details for any recent separation from a job; failure to provide all requested information can jeopardize an application.

The application must also provide information on any income from part-time or temporary employment. If benefits are awarded, the person receiving them will need to continually establish that he or she is able to work and wants to work, and is available for any suitable job offering.

Once an applicant applies for benefits, the applicant should begin searching for work every day. Records of that search must be submitted once a month to the UIA. The person must also register with Michigan Works Association if unemployment lasts 120 days or longer.

Once a person finds new work or returns to a previous job, that fact must be immediately reported to the UIA, supplying as much information as the agency requests. Continuing to receive unemployment benefits without reporting and while waiting for a first paycheck may be considered fraud and potentially subject the offender to penalties. In fact, any act of fraud, such as failure to accept legitimate job offers or failing to look for work, can be subject to penalties.

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