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Pursuing justice for wrongful termination after sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2015 | Wrongful Termination |

Wrongful termination can occur for many reasons in Detroit, but one of the most shocking and unnecessary has to do with sexual harassment. In some instances, both men and women are subjected to this form of treatment. After getting over the emotional and personal disturbances that this entails, they might have a problem doing their job as they are supposed to. Many times, victims will ignore the issue in fear of retaliation and in the hopes that it will simply go away. Whether it does or not, they are still within their rights to seek compensation for what happened.

If the situation got to the point where the employee lost his or her job because of a failure to acquiesce to the sexual harassment, didn’t go along with the inappropriate jokes or even witnessed another who was harassed and complained about it, this is also the basis for a legal filing. There are many who believe that as the times have changed and there is greater equality in the workplace the issue of sexual harassment has receded. That is, unfortunately, not the case.

Sexual harassment can be a hostile work environment in which language that is offensive is used. Pornographic material might be shown that is both offensive to the individual and inappropriate. A person in a position of authority might insinuate or outright say that if an employee wants to advance, then the employee is going to have to agree to a sexual relationship. People who are homosexual or transgender might face discrimination because of their status or sexual orientation.

All of these issues can form the foundation to seek compensation in a legal filing against former employers. Those who have been confronted with sexual harassment at work need to understand their rights.


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