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Wrongful termination alleged after refusal to assist in cover-up

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2015 | Employees' Rights |

When a person is subjected to wrongful termination in Michigan, that person needs to understand that the relevant legal rights involved, and the possible opportunity to pursue a lawsuit for what happened. These cases frequently have multiple layers and occur in a wide variety of jobs. Protecting employee rights is imperative to ensure that everyone who has a job is treated fairly and is not subjected to capricious and self-serving decisions on the part of superiors, management and ownership. These issues can even arise in the public sector.

A high-profile case involving two state representatives who tried to cover up a sexual relationship with a bizarre and complex series of lies has extended to a legal filing on the part of two aides who were fired from their jobs. The lawsuit centers on allegations of wrongful termination and referenced protections under whistleblower laws. According to the aides, they were fired because they did not agree to take part in the cover-up. The cover-up included anonymous emails being sent by one of the state representatives about himself and saying that he was a drug user and having sexual issues.

The two men state that they were disparaged by their former bosses because they did not agree to participate in the cover-up. The female representative who was involved in the affair was expelled from the state house of representatives. The male chose to resign instead of the possibility of being expelled. The man wanted his staff to send the email and they refused. They believe they were fired as a result. For their part, the former representatives say that the dismissals were due to job-related issues and not as retaliatory acts. There are also allegations of libel and slander against the former employers.

This is a unique situation that has been discussed on the news and in social media. The two men claim that they were asked to join in with a blatantly strange and morally questionable series of acts to protect the affair between their bosses. When they refused, they were fired as a result. Laws are in place to protect all workers from wrongful termination.

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