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Transgender woman alleges workplace discrimination at university

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2016 | Workplace Discrimination |

When it comes to employee rights and those who have a different sexual identity, the law in Michigan and across the nation is still coming clear. While this is an issue that is only recently coming to the forefront, it does not make it any less important than other forms of discrimination that might take place. Those who are lesbian, gay or transgender and believe they have been subjected to workplace discrimination need to know that they too have the right to seek legal compensation if they have been discriminated against, faced harassment or any other issue at work because of their status.

A transgender woman who worked at a Michigan university alleges that her supervisor committed various acts of discrimination against her and made numerous comments related to her status as a transgender person. The plaintiff had an administrative job at the school and worked as an adjunct professor. She claims that she was told that her life is a “lie,” and that the supervisor found her to be disgusting when the announcement was made that the plaintiff was going to dress and be defined as a woman.

The woman says that the school eliminated her administrative job soon after she announced her plan to transition. For its part, the university says that it supports the LGBT community and will reserve statement on this particular case until the case can be heard. The plaintiff retains her employment as an adjunct professor of English.

The change from male to female came in March of 2014. The administrative job had begun in 2012. In 2013, she received a positive evaluation in her work in that role from the supervisor who is accused of making the negative comments about the transition.

Those who are employed and considering making a transition from one gender to the other, or have already made the transition, and are being confronted with any violation of their employee rights should take steps to ensure that they are treated fairly under employment law. If they are not, it is wise to speak to an attorney about seeking compensation through a legal filing as soon as possible.

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