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Woman alleges workplace discrimination at Michigan company

On Behalf of | May 5, 2016 | Workplace Discrimination |

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission recently filed a lawsuit against a Michigan manufacturer of milk and juice, alleging that the company engaged in workplace discrimination against female employees. According to the lawsuit, the company repeatedly failed to promote a female employee due to her gender. The woman’s experience and time working at the company were significant, but she was continually left behind in favor of male employees when promotion opportunities arose. The EEOC is requesting an injunction to stop the company from repeating this behavior as well as financial compensation for this particular woman.

There are many different ways in which employers discriminate against women. An employer could give more favorable treatment or better pay to male employees. Women might be given less favorable work assignments due to their gender. A woman who became pregnant might find herself passed over for promotion, demoted or even dismissed. When this type of treatment occurs, a worker needs to be aware of her rights under the law and may want to consider legal action.

In this case, a woman who worked at a manufacturing company for an extended period alleges that she was passed over for promotions solely because she is a woman. With that in mind, she and the EEOC are filing a claim to recover compensation for the wrongs she believes were done to her. Those who are in a similar situation and do not know where to turn might consider their legal options by discussing the matter with an experienced attorney.

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