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Employment contracts and territorial realignment in sales

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2016 | Employment Contracts |

Michigan residents who make their living in sales know the stress they will face when trying to meet their quotas. In many cases, the amount they are paid is contingent on achieving certain sales goals, and it is in their contract that they must reach these numbers. An employment agreement can be complicated and if there are changes made to the terms that the person believed he or she was working under, it can negatively affect their ability to earn a living. One issue that can arise has to do with territory realignment.

A person who is in sales might not be able to adapt to the territory realignment due to a variety of factors. These can include demographics, a lack of comfort, difficulty in handling a different template and for many other reasons. It can lead to the repeated failure of making sales quota and spark the fear of losing one’s job. Sales representatives need to understand that they have certain rights under the law. One reason that there might be a territorial realignment is due to discrimination on the part of the employer.

In many instances, the employer no longer wants to stick to the employment agreement and rather than commit an act that is a blatant breach of contract, they will use a collateral strategy to sabotage the worker and stop him or her from being able to do the job as described. This could be the foundation for a legal filing. The decision might stem from race, age, national origin, gender, sexual orientation or for a multitude of other reasons. A mistake these employers often make is to leave a paper trail as to why they did this. They might make incriminating statements or provide evidence in some other way that this was the intent and they decided on the territory realignment from the start.

When there has been a territory realignment for no viable reason and it leads to the person who was shifted to being unable to reach the quota and losing the job as a result, it is important to know that there may be the possibility of filing a lawsuit. Speaking to a legal professional, such as those at Sterling Attorneys at Law, P.C., about a filing to receive compensation over this issue is a key to gathering evidence and pursuing a claim.


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