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Crack the glass ceiling and help end workplace discrimination

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2017 | Workplace Discrimination |

If each of the women working in Detroit took a swing at a sheet of thick glass, what do you imagine might happen? Every strike would crack the glass until the entire thing shattered into irreparable shards. It is a great example of how it takes strength and unity to create real change.

Failure to promote keeps women firmly in place beneath the glass ceiling. Make no mistake; this is workplace discrimination in one its most enduring forms. In the age of enlightenment, we believe this kind of gender discrimination is archaic and detrimental to the growth of society as a whole. In simpler terms, it is wrong for everyone and it is against the laws governing American employment.

Facing glass ceiling discrimination is challenging to say the least. Sometimes, this kind of discrimination is difficult to identify, yet victims feel it when it happens. We have seen women fight against it and we have seen women walk away from their careers in utter defeat. Examples of workplace discrimination against women include:

— Failure to promote when qualified

— Exclusion from meetings

— Assigning stereotypical female tasks

— Reassigning of job responsibilities

— Exposure to degrading remarks

We want to tell you and all women in the nation not to give up. Instead, seek a legal representative that can help you take a mighty swing at the glass. This can not only help you in the here and now, it could even result in helping shatter the glass ceiling completely by the time your daughters or granddaughters enter the Detroit workforce. We urge you to read more about workplace discrimination against women on our employment law website.


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