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Each workplace discrimination case helps advance equal rights

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People who have been victimized by workplace discrimination based on race feel a very wide range of negative emotions. They often experience hurt, shock, betrayal, anger and even shame. These emotions can discourage victims from taking legal action against the company that made them a victim in the first place.

When race-based workplace discrimination occurs, most victims just want it to go away. A typical response may be to seek employment elsewhere or to pretend it is not happening. It is not difficult to understand why people react in this way, but a better and more productive response is to seek a solution so that discrimination does not happen to others.

Each time a victim initiates a workplace discrimination case, it helps advance equal rights in the workplace for Detroit residents and all Americans. If you feel alone, remember that you are not the first to seek a legal remedy and you will not be the last.

Since 1964, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has filed more than 30 important systemic race-based discrimination suits. While the vast majority of these were settled out of court, you can be sure that these companies thought twice about making the same mistakes again.

In addition to the systemic cases the EEOC initiated, there have been many more targeting specific wrongful employment practices. These include hiring/firing, compensation, retaliation, hostile work environments and many others.

Workplace discrimination victims need to speak out and take action when they are wronged. Perhaps it will comfort you to know that the employment attorney you choose has the support of the EEOC. With help, you can emerge from your ordeal empowered and stronger than ever.

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