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What are some examples of whistleblower retaliation?

Deciding to join the ranks of whistleblowers in the United States is a huge decision. Many people fear retaliation from their employer or their co-workers. Unfortunately, there are times when these fears have a basis in reality. Retaliation against whistleblowers does occur in some cases, even here in the Detroit region.

What makes these situations especially problematic is that it can be difficult for whistleblowers to recognize retaliation. Some of the questions they ask themselves and others may include:

  • Is it my imagination or is it retaliation?
  • Why are my co-workers suddenly holding me at arm's length?
  • Does my supervisor know that I am a whistleblower?
  • Why am I receiving so many disciplinary actions at work?

If you find yourself asking similar questions after reporting workplace wrongdoing, you might indeed be a victim of workplace retribution. An attorney can assist you in determining if you are suffering retaliation at work. Working with a lawyer provides you with an education about whistleblowers and about retaliation. However, to help you identify possible mistreatment right now, the section below contains some examples of common whistleblower retaliation attempts.

  • Reducing your rate of pay or your hours of work
  • Demoting you to a lesser position
  • Unwarranted disciplinary actions
  • Denying you a promotion for no apparent reason
  • Threatening you or intimidating you
  • Reassignment affecting promotion prospects
  • Denying you access to your work benefits

Workers in Michigan and other states that have experienced any of the behaviors above after blowing the whistle may be suffering from retaliation. You need to know that the law does not permit such retaliatory actions. Please consider reaching out to a legal professional to protect your livelihood and to prevent others from suffering similar treatment in the workplace. A lawyer can protect you during and even after you become a whistleblower.

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