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Answer these questions if your employment is terminated

On Behalf of | May 24, 2019 | Employment Contracts |

It took you a long time to move your way up the company ladder, eventually becoming an executive. Just when you think everything is going as planned, you could come to find that your employer is terminating your employment.

If you’re faced with this situation, here are several important questions to ask:

  • Do you have an employment contract? If so, review it from start to finish several times. Take notes regarding anything you need to do as you move toward your final days of employment.
  • Were you wrongfully terminated? There are many reasons for this, such as if your employer is retaliating for blowing the whistle on an illegal activity.
  • When will you receive your final paycheck? Discuss this with your employer, as you want to know when the money will arrive.
  • Are you entitled to severance pay? Many high-level executives have a severance package written into their contract. If you’re due severance pay, don’t let your employer off the hook. They may attempt to fight you on this, such as by stating you took part in behavior that disqualifies you.
  • What does your personnel file say? Don’t hesitate to ask the human resources department for a copy of your file. This gives you the opportunity to read past performance reviews, while also getting a better idea of the reason for your termination.

Losing your job is a big deal, as it’ll impact your personal, professional and financial lives. If this happens to you, read your employment contract and then do whatever it takes to protect your legal rights.


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