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When your ethical self convinces you to become a whistleblower

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2019 | Whistleblowers |

Anyone who decides to become a whistleblower has his or her reasons for speaking out. This may surprise you, but the possibility of gaining a financial reward does not offer much motivation for blowing the whistle. Most whistleblowers in Michigan never receive a huge sum of money in exchange for the information they possess. So, why do people decide to take such a big step for little-to-no personal gain?

We have learned that it all comes down to ethics. In the majority of whistleblower cases in or near Detroit, ethical concerns played a large motivating role. These good American citizens felt concern about the possibility that an employer or an organization participated in illegal activities. It so bothered them that they chose to speak out instead of living in silence with their knowledge.

Our attorneys believe that blowing the whistle on wrongdoing benefits the entire nation. It makes the national workforce stronger, it prevents the abuse of government programs and it stops financial scams right in their tracks. However, when ethical concerns force you to take action, don’t ignore the fact that you may need legal protection throughout your journey.

It is both wise and responsible to consult with a lawyer when deciding whether to blow the whistle on corruption. Even if you report corruption through an employer reporting platform or a government platform, you should still seek to protect yourself. The attorney you chose will work hard to ensure that you and your family remain safe from vengeance, retaliation and other negative responses to speaking out.

Our staff wants to help you learn more about these important issues. You will find a large amount of information about whistleblowers on our website and in our blog.


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