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The subtle and blatant signs of racial discrimination at work

by | May 25, 2021 | Workplace Discrimination |

Some signs of racial discrimination in the workplace are subtle, while others are obvious. The former may include a snub over a job promotion. The latter might be a finger in the chest and taunts from a coworker claiming that you “do not belong in this country.”

It is time that the country and our workplaces woke up. This type of behavior was never acceptable 50 years ago or today. However, racial discrimination in the workplace continues. If you are the victim of racial discrimination, you know the signs. And you cannot forget them.

Stereotypes, critical managers

You also cannot ignore workplace discrimination, which rears its ugly head in many ways. They include:

  • Reliance on stereotyping: Sometimes, a human resources representative subscribes to such a bias, overlooking your advanced degrees, the qualifications on your resume and steering you toward a role working in a company warehouse.
  • Overlooked for promotions: People of color (along with women) may feel this more than anyone else in the workplace. Those who find themselves in this position wait and wait. Their patience is not rewarded even when they possess the necessary qualifications for the position.
  • Overly critical managers: Your work accomplishments are never good enough. Time and time again, your work-related reviews do not seem to measure up to what you know you have accomplished.
  • Open hostility: Mocked for your skin color or accent by co-workers, you understand that such behavior is not right. It may occur out in the open with no attempts to hide it. Immediate intervention by a supervisor must occur to prevent such incidents from escalating.

The tide may be slowly turning regarding racism in the country. But, for most of us, it still remains too slow. Is the workplace catching on? Perhaps some places are, but racial discrimination continues to surface in many industries and many lines of work. Please, make sure to stand up for yourself, document every incident and find a reliable legal ally.


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