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3 reasons people don’t blow the whistle on their employers

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2022 | Whistleblowers |

You may have recently found information that showed your employer was skimming off the top of their employees’ pay. You may have witnessed systematic racism at your workplace and been told not to talk about it. Your employer may be blatantly breaking the law in some way, putting you and other employees in danger.

These are all examples of why someone might blow the whistle on their employers – but not everybody goes through with that step. Why wouldn’t someone step up and blow the whistle to stop something so immoral (and possibly traumatic) in their workplace?

1. They are afraid nothing will change

This may not be the first time someone blew the whistle on their job. Whatever happened the first time continued to happen even after whistleblowing. So, they may think whistleblowing again won’t do anything.

2. They fear for their own futures

For some people, their job is the best they’ve ever had and anything less wouldn’t be worth having. Despite the evidence that their employer may be taking advantage of their role, they won’t consider whistleblowing. In their mind, they may think they shouldn’t risk their entire career – especially if they’re in a narrow industry – just because one little bad thing happened. 

3. They don’t realize it’s their right and obligation

Whistleblowing can be a foreign concept for many. It’s not like it’s taught in school or something every business goes around asking people to do. Once people understand that it’s up to them to do what’s right – and that they could potentially be accountable for staying silent – they’re more likely to take action.

If your business has covered up something incriminating then you may need to know your options to protect your rights. Experienced legal guidance can help you overcome your fears and make a real difference in the future.


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