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Even top-level employees need legal help

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2016 | Employment Disputes |

In Michigan and throughout the U.S., the highest level executives are seen in a negative light by many people. Given the lucrative compensation they receive for their work and the public perception that has shaded them poorly, it is easily forgotten that they are employees just like everyone else. They are subject to problems such as losing their jobs, being demoted, having disagreements and becoming embroiled in contract disputes. These issues are often high profile and misunderstood. This is why executives at the top level of a company or business need to have legal advice just as everyone else does.

These upper level executives could deal with issues at the company that led to them being a whistleblower and facing a negative reaction at work because of it. There might be an allegation of breach of contract to keep from paying the employee what he or she is rightfully owed. Furthermore, defamation is something that can happen to try and undermine the person’s credibility. In addition, they might be dealing with discrimination and not receive an even higher promotion because of their skin color, their religion, their national origin, or their sexual orientation.

Often, there are agreements that are part of an employee’s contract that are not followed. If, for example, an executive had an agreement to receive a certain amount of money when leaving the company and that is not fulfilled, then it might be necessary to pursue that compensation through negotiation with help from an attorney.

At Sterling, our law firm’s attorneys are experienced in handling all kinds of employment disputes, including those that involve upper level management employees. Also, our website has some helpful resources for people who need initial information about the applicable employment laws.

When a person who has worked his or her way up in a company is dealing with contractual, personal or other issues at work, it is imperative to have legal help to settle them. Dealing with an employment dispute at the corporate level can be complex and those who are in the middle of it should speak to an experienced attorney to determine what course of action to take next.


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