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Signs your boss is pushing you out as an older manager 

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2022 | Age discrimination |

Discrimination comes in various forms. One type of discrimination that is often overlooked is ageism. Every individual has their own unique skill set and attitude. For this reason, it is actually better for companies to have a diverse workforce

Sadly, many employers still refuse to accept this. They mistakenly believe that experienced workers have little to offer and need to be replaced by younger, “more talented” workers. 

Being pushed out as an older worker can be very traumatic. It’s also unlawful and classified as age discrimination. Outlined below are two questions you need to ask if you suspect ageism:

Are you training your replacement? 

Employers don’t always make it obvious that they are seeking to replace you with a younger worker. They might frame it to you in a way that suggests you’re taking on more responsibility by training new recruits. The trouble is, you’re training the new recruits to take over your position. 

Once they know how to do the job, you could be out the door. It’s important to make sure that your employer values your worth and does not take advantage. 

Are you being left out of important things? 

The company you work for has big ambitions and this has been explained by your superiors in no uncertain terms. They’ve organized meetings on the rebranding of the firm and the direction that the company will be taking in the future. 

However, you’re no longer being invited to take part in these meetings. You’re being forced to look in from the outside. The room is filled with younger workers. Why are you being left out? 

You should always be judged based on your job performance and never your gender, religion, ethnic background, age or any other protected characteristic. If you feel that you have faced workplace discrimination, make sure you look into your legal options.  


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