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2 excuses employers use to deny promotion

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2023 | Workplace Discrimination |

A denial of promotion for reasons not related to work performance may be unlawful. This can be a discriminative action in Michigan

If your work performance is remarkable and you have been in the company long enough to understand its culture, you may deserve a promotion. Thus, you should be alarmed when someone with lower performance or who just joined the company beats you for a promotion. Upon asking your employer about it, here are two excuses they may provide:

“Let’s talk about it later”

An employer with valid reasons for not giving a promotion should not have a problem discussing them. They should tell you the grounds and how to improve. However, without a valid reason, one may avoid the topic. When you raise it, they may request to talk about it later or send you to another party.

Undoubtedly, your employer may be busy, but they should schedule a time to discuss the matter. If they keep dodging the topic and, at times, you, this may indicate you have been unlawfully denied a promotion.

“Let’s wait for budget updates”

Your employer may agree to talk about the promotion they overlooked you for and inform you of an oncoming one. After some time, you should remind them, and this is when you may learn you were discriminated against at the first opportunity. They may tell you they are waiting for budget updates before promoting you or for responses from their own boss, that is, if they are not the employer. 

While these reasons may be true, you should be concerned when they don’t follow up. The excuses may go on for so long that you may give up on doing the follow-up.

Being denied a promotion you deserve can be stressful. You should consider your legal options to protect your rights.   


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