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Payment schedule violations and a wage claim in Michigan

In Michigan, the law requires that employers pay their employees their wages at specific times. When the wages and any unpaid overtime are not provided to the employee in a timely manner, it could be the basis for a wage claim. Understanding how the law views these issues is important when determining whether a violation has occurred.

Woman files lawsuit for employee rights violation

There are certain rights that workers in Michigan expect to have in the workplace, and the law seeks to protect these rights. This applies to a wide variety of issues, too. Employee rights encompasses freedom from illegal workplace discrimination, unfair denial of benefits, protection for retaliation, and more. Those who have had their rights violated, been deprived of income, or even been terminated because of protestations that illegal acts perpetrated against them have the right to pursue compensation via a legal filing.

What are employee rights when it comes to health and safety?

With any job in Michigan, workers have the right to believe that they will be accorded the proper safety procedures and equipment as part of their employment. They also have the right to complain if proper safety procedures are not followed and to request the necessary protective equipment. If a worker decides to be a whistleblower in an attempt to expose serous safety deficiencies in his or her workplace, then he or she has certain rights under the law to prevent wrongful termination and other forms of ill treatment at the hands of employers. Before moving forward with a case, it is imperative that workers know the requirements their employers must follow under the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Act (MIOSH).

Young employees are entitled to training wage once hired

As summer approaches and young people graduate from school in Michigan, many will be seeking employment, whether full or part time, long or short-term. With the start of a new job also comes the need for training. Some employees might not be aware of their legal rights when it comes to wages during training. If they do not receive what they are entitled to under the law, it could be the basis for a legal filing over a wage claim.

Can disabled workers receive less than minimum hourly pay?

Workers in Michigan are undoubtedly aware of the federal law that requires employees to be paid a certain amount on an hourly basis. So, too, are workers presumably aware that those who have disabilities are afforded certain rights while at work. However, there are times when employers are allowed to pay a worker less than the minimum wage if he or she is disabled. The legality of this is contingent on the employer having a certificate from the Department of Labor simultaneous to fulfilling certain requirements. If this is violated, then it contradicts the law and could be the basis for a legal filing over a wage claim.

New Fair Labor Standards Act overtime threshold on the way

Michiganders who have been wronged in their place of employment may choose to pursue a wage claim or a claim based on a denial of benefits. These individuals should recognize that every employee is protected under the law, including those who are salaried white collar workers. With that in mind, the U.S. Department of Labor has announced a minimum salary that white collar workers must receive in order for them to be viewed as exempt from the overtime rules under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). With this announcement, these employees must earn $47,476 annually to be considered exempt. This will begin in December of 2016, and could be a financial boon for those struggling to make ends meet.

Employee rights for workers aged 14 to 18

Now that many teens and young adults in Oakland County are done with school for the summer, they may be in search of a summer job. Whether that seasonal position involves an internship, tipped work, or hourly retail work, young workers still have key employee rights under the law. Most of the time, local employers abide by the Fair Labor Standards Act, as well as numerous other laws and regulations, in order to keep workers of all ages safe and fairly compensated. Not every employer follows the law, though, and those affected by unscrupulous practices may want to contact an employment law attorney.

Former Flint city administrator alleges wrongful termination

A former city administrator in Michigan has filed a whistleblower lawsuit claiming that she was wrongfully terminated after making allegations that the mayor was steering money meant for families affected by the Flint water crisis to a campaign fund. The 39-year-old woman says she was fired in February because she reported the allegations to the city attorney and sought an investigation into the mayor’s alleged misconduct. She says she was informed of the alleged misdeeds by another city employee. After she reported the information, she was fired.

Former Volkswagen employee files wrongful termination suit

When Michigan employees see wrongdoing at their places of work, they should report it. Part of what compels these workers to do the right thing is protection for retaliation if they are deemed a whistleblower. If the employer chooses to punish the employee or outright dismisses him or her, this can be the foundation for a legal filing for a violation of employee rights.


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