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Employee fired after being trapped in Gaza violence

A man who was fired from his job with a Detroit automaker in 2007 after he was stranded in Gaza has sued for discrimination. In 2007, a product engineer for a major Detroit automaker was approved for an extended leave of absence beginning June 1. Before the man left for the Middle East, the man's manager shortened his leave to three weeks because of a scheduled product build.

Superior Court rules against discriminated workers

After a group of 22 cocktail servers brought a weight-discrimination lawsuit against their former employer, a superior court judge ruled against them. Michigan is the only state in the U.S. that expressly prohibits workplace discrimination based on height or weight, and the New Jersey judge upheld the legality of treatments that the workers claimed were unfair.

Michigan author urges caution regarding workplace discrimination

In the state of Michigan, a person may be fired simply because of his or her sexual orientation. The author of a new book on the subject of workplace discrimination is the founder of a nonprofit organization in Michigan that helps to prepare LBGT students with the transition from college into the job force. In the book, the author warns students to exercise caution in their search for employment.

EEOC finds workplace discrimination in pre-employment physicals

Michigan residents may be interested in a recent lawsuit that will be the first to test the Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act, a 2009 act designed to curb discrimination in pre-employment medical examinations. Although employers may require job candidates to pass a drug test and physical examination before being hired, it is unlawful for an employer to ask for a family medical history. Nevertheless, U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission officials say that's what happened in two recent cases of this new type of workplace discrimination.

Most small businesses support protection of LGBT employees

Laws protecting LGBT employees may not be as controversial as some Michigan residents believe. New research shows that more than two-thirds of small businesses believe that employment laws should protect gay and transgender people from workplace discrimination, and this could pave the way for new employment laws protecting Michigan employees. A national poll shows that these businesses believe that both federal and state law should protect LGBT employees from employment discrimination.

Women accuse civil rights leader of sexual harassment

A Michigan state representative has filed a sexual harassment complaint against a local Arab-American leader. The accused man has been placed on administrative leave by the civil rights group for which he works, the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee. The government has stated that he may be fired if it is shown that he committed workplace discrimination against the complainant and other women.

Michigan man sues for age discrimination

A Michigan school district is facing a workplace discrimination lawsuit filed by its former business manager. In a case filed in the civil division of Berrien County Trial Court, the man claims wrongful termination on the basis of age. He says he was dismissed from employment so that the school district could avoid paying his pension and health benefits. The school district denies the allegations.

Several states lobbying against pregnancy discrimination

While some states like Michigan, Connecticut and California have existing state laws to prevent discrimination against pregnant women, many states do not have laws of this nature. Some states have seen new bills introduced to prevent this type of workplace discrimination, including Iowa, Illinois and Maine.

Waitress fired over surgery scars

A former restaurant server is alleging employment discrimination in federal court after being terminated for her appearance after brain surgery. The case is attracting attention around the country including Michigan. The incident occurred in July 2012, when the 27-year-old woman returned to work after a surgery to remove a mass from her cranium. The surgery left her hair short with visible scars. She alleges that the managers at the restaurant required her to wear a wig while at work to hide the effects of the surgery. The defendant maintains she could not afford a wig and when she borrowed one, it proved painful because of its contact with the surgical wounds.

Could NFL teams be violating employment discrimination laws?

Fans of the Detroit Lions are paying close attention to the team and the National Football League this time of year. While the regular season doesn't begin until after Labor Day, this is the time of year when NFL teams determine what their squads will look like in the fall: some veteran players are released, some free agents are signed, and teams interview potential draft picks to determine if they might like to call their names when the draft takes place this spring.

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