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Supreme Court recognizes employees' right to sue for wages

Many people in Michigan work in restaurants, so they know that tips can be a really important source of income for people who work in the hospitality industry. Restaurants typically do not pay servers very much because they know they are taking home gratuities.

EEOC: Pepsi bottler trod on job applicants' rights

Pepsi Beverages, a Minneapolis-based bottler of the cola many Detroit readers enjoy, has announced that will pay over $3 million to settle claims that it engaged in racial discrimination as it hired new employees, the upper Midwest branch of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission announced this week.

Should employers be able to check job applicants' credit scores?

If someone in Detroit were to buy a car, he or she would probably expect a credit check. The same goes for opening a new line of credit, obtaining a mortgage or taking out a loan. But what about applying for a job?

Employees: We were discriminated against for avoiding strip clubs

Around this time of year, many employers throw holiday parties for their employees. Although social activities like this are a nice gesture, it should go without saying they cannot and should not be a basis for making employees feel discriminated against if they choose not to participate.

Blockbuster must pay $2 million to settle harassment and retaliation claims

Video-rental chain Blockbuster recently agreed to pay more than $2 million to settle claims that it permitted sexual harassment and racial discrimination against female employees at one of its East Coast facilities. Although the incidents that led to this outcome occurred in Maryland, the principle at work here is equally true in Michigan; no one should be subjected to harassment in the workplace and employers who do not do enough to keep their workers safe and free from harm may have to pay for that mistake.

Professor's quirk raises interesting employment law issue

If Detroit readers think bank to their college days, they will probably remember professors talking about tenure. Terms of tenure differ from school to school, but in general, tenure is additional job security offered to professors who have taught long enough and performed well enough at a given college or university. The idea is that the professor's job security will mean he or she can enjoy greater academic freedom and run his or her classroom the way he or she wants. Very few grounds for dismissal exist; oftentimes, firing a tenured professor for anything but the most outrageous or egregious conduct will result in claims of wrongful termination.

Herman Cain accused of sexual harassment in former workplace

Many Detroit readers are probably already familiar with Herman Cain, the former Godfather's Pizza executive who, this fall, came out of nowhere to emerge as a leading contender for the Republican presidential nomination.

Detroit school district pays $650K to settle sexual harassment claim

The Detroit Public Schools District recently reached a settlement with a former superintendent who claimed that the district's then-board president inappropriately touched himself as the two of them met to discuss the superintendent's employment contract.

Labor Department to crack down on wage-and-hour violations

Here is some potential good news for Detroit workers; the Labor Department has inked agreements with 12 states and the Internal Revenue Service in an attempt to catch more employers who are cheating their employees out of their wages. Michigan is not one of those 12 states yet, but the Labor Department is encouraging other states to join in.


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